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我之前介绍过 《美国海关限制或禁止入境的物品及其规定》,今天有读者问:「謝謝如此全面的介紹。 想問一下燕窩可以帶嗎? 我聽說不能郵寄,如果找朋友或者自己帶可不可以?不多,也就 200 克-500 克。」

答:不可以。参见美国海关 USCBP 官网 2017 年 10 月的新闻通报 「CBP Disrupts Bird’s Nest Travel」,以及 2017 年 5 月的另一篇通报 「CBP Finds 63 Bird’s Nests in Traveler’s Luggage」 。下面是第一篇通报的节选。

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport seized 54 edible bird’s nests tucked among personal items in a traveler’s luggage.

These items, considered a delicacy in some countries, are prohibited from entering the U.S. as they can carry Newcastle Disease or the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N1) virus. The passenger, who was arriving from Vietnam, did not declare the items

Birds’ nests are created from the solidified saliva of birds and are used to make a soup or broth. In some cultures they are considered a prized possession due to their high nutritional value and exceptional taste. Birds’ nests are high in calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. However since bird’s nests are considered likely carriers of infectious diseases they are prohibited from entry to the U.S. The birds’ nests were seized and destroyed using steam sterilization.

达拉斯机场的美国海关官员在一名越南旅客的行李中查获了 54 只燕窝。燕窝富含钙、铁、钾和镁,具有很高的营养价值和美味,在很多国家被视为珍肴,但燕窝有可能携带新城疫或禽流感等病毒,因此禁止进入美国。查获的燕窝被美国海关使用蒸汽灭菌设备销毁。下图就是新闻里通报所查获并销毁的燕窝。

These edible bird’s nests were seized
and destroyed using steam sterilization

because they can carry harmful diseases.

Though considered a delicacy, these
edible bird’s nests are prohibited from
entering the U.S.

美国海关说得很清楚:燕窝不能入境。当然,有些人可能偷偷带进来、没有申报、也没被查到,这是运气好,并不代表合法。偷带食物未申报,最高可罚款 1 万美元,参见这篇文章解释

燕窝虽然主要市场在亚洲,但在美国也能买到,并没有必要冒风险私自携带入境。参见 《美国燕窝盏和即食燕窝选购指南》 。

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