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电动滑板 hoverboard 不可邮寄或随身携带回国

根据 Federal Aviation Administration 规定,携带登机或托运行李内的电子设备的锂电池容量不可超过 100 watt hour,容量为 101-160 watt hours 的锂电池需首先得到航空公司允许才可登机。 Hoverboard 的锂电池容量若超过规定则无法登机,托运也不行。

FAA 原文

Lithium ion batteries (a.k.a.: rechargeable lithium, lithium polymer, LIPO, secondary lithium). Passengers may carry all consumer-sized lithium ion batteries (up to 100 watt hours per battery). This size covers AA, AAA, cell phone, PDA, camera, camcorder, handheld game, tablet, portable drill, and standard laptop computer batteries. The watt hours (Wh) rating is marked on newer lithium ion batteries and is explained in below. External chargers are also considered to be a battery.

With airline approval, devices can contain larger lithium ion batteries (101-160 watt hours per battery), but spares of this size are limited to two batteries in carry-on baggage only. This size covers the largest aftermarket extended-life laptop batteries and most lithium ion batteries for professional-grade audio/visual equipment.

To determine watt hours (Wh), multiply the volts (V) by the ampere hours (Ah). Example: A 12-volt battery rated to 8 Amp hours is rated at 96 watt hours (12 x 8 = 96). For milliamp hours (mAh), divide by 1000 (to get to Ah) and then multiply by the volts.

FAA 这个网页也可看到允许登机的电池类型举例。

International Air Transport Association 官网有说明,全球超过 60 个航空公司已明确规定不可携带 hoverboard,航空公司名单见此。如果你想携带电动滑板搭飞机,不管电池容量是否超过 100 watt hour,都最好事先跟航空公司确认。

邮寄 hoverboard 或其他电动平衡车也非常严格。 USPS 只允许在美国境内邮寄 hoverboard,并且只能使用 ground shipping(地面运输),不允许 international mail(因为不能飞)。 USPS statement 原文

Also effective immediately, mailable motorized balance boards, or hover boards, will not be sent in international mail shipments, and are also prohibited in shipments to or from APO, FPO, and DPO destinations.

比如这位读者想寄一台 hoverboard 回国,结果在 Miami 海关就被退回来了。

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