Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is xxx. I’m writing to request an extension of my B1/B2 status from June 20, 2020 until December 20, 2020.

I most recently arrived in the U.S. in August, 2019, to visit my son, who’s an international student at xxx School in Virginia. In January, 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 broke out in China, my home city announced lockdown and I requested an extension of my B1/B2 status until June 20, which was approved in March. I was planning to attend my son’s high school graduation ceremony on June xx, and fly back to China together with my son afterwards.

However, since then the COVID-19 has evolved into a global pandemic, rendering me unable to make a specific plan to depart:

  • My son’s school has been closed. We’re waiting for the management’s decision on how the graduation ceremony is going to take place.
  • Most U.S.-China flights have been suspended. My airline has been unable to confirm when they will be able to fly. My son’s ticket, which was purchased later than mine, has been cancelled. It has become extremely unlikely that either of us will be able to get on any flight to China in June, as originally planned.

In light of the great uncertainty lying ahead, while I plan to fly back to China as soon as it becomes feasible, I’d like to request six months’ extension, from June 20 to December 20, so that I have more flexibility, instead of potentially needing to request a third extension. Meanwhile, my son has received and accepted the offer from the University of xxxx, and we’re working with them to ensure he can transfer from his high school to xxxx, without needing to leaving the U.S. during the pandemic.

I'm a businesswoman. I own two advertising companies, as well as multiple real estate properties in China, the proofs of which were presented when I was interviewed at the U.S. Consulate General in xxx a few years ago. I have enough assets to cover all the expenses during the extended stay.

If my extension is approved, I plan to be with my son during this difficult time, until there are flights for me to get back to China.

I will attach below documents for your reference:

  • A photocopy of my passport (information page).
  • A photocopy of my visa (information page).
  • A copy of the Approval Notice for my previous extension request.
  • A copy of my son’s I-20.
  • A copy of my son’s high school enrollment contract 2019-2020.
  • A copy of my son’s college offer from xxxx
  • A copy of my son's flight ticket from Air China and the cancellation notice.
  • A copy of my flight ticket to China — the airline has been unable to confirm when the flight will resume.
  • Bank statement of my xxxx account.
  • Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any more information or documentation. My cell phone is 703-xxx-xxxx, and my email address is xxx@xxx.com.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration of my situation! I truly hope that the global pandemic will be contained as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

May 26, 2020


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14 条评论

  1. 老师你好

    1. @Fiona 可以网申,也可以邮寄,邮寄地址还是移民局I-539表页面拉到最下面的地址。

  2. 杨老师,范老师,您们好。 我父亲是去年9月来美国探亲,我们全家在2月份的时候去了一次墨西哥, 所以从墨西哥回来,我父亲的I94 被更新延长到8月。但是由于航班取消我们还是需要帮他申请延期。想请教,在申请说明中是否需要提及这个过程? 因为我父亲购买的是往返机票,机票订单上看的到之前从国内来上海的时间是9月。我们担心不说明清楚, 会造成延期申请被拒

    1. @joyce 我认为无需特意提及(个人意见)。

  3. 杨老师你好,申请的到8月底第一次延期还没批, 买不到机票看来要申请第二次延期,需要必须提前45天申请吗?还是只要提前一个月申请?请问申请二次延期还要再交一个455刀的申请费吗?

    1. @Amy 第一次和第二次申请的手续是一样的,费用也要交。

  4. 杨老师,我看你文章中这封申请信在第一次审批延期被批准的情况下,又申请了6个月的延期。但是您之前的文章说,B2的延期最多就是180天。那么,就算你申请信里说的第一次申请延期只要求延期了1个月,第一次申请和第二次申请加起来,也至少申请延期了7个月了?这种情况不是远远超过了180天的限制了吗?这种情况能被允许吗?谢谢

    1. @Andy Xie 单次延期最多180天,没有限制延期的次数。

  5. 杨老师:请问我的第一次B1/B2延期2月底打完脂膜后还在审理中,至今还没有给我回复,但是申请延期到7月份马上又到了再次申请的时间了。可是进入原来的账号该如何进行再次申请?没有任何可以填写申请的选项。请您给些建议,谢谢!

    1. @Zhang 点击 my account,在下拉菜单中应该有 “file a form online” 的选项。

  6. 杨老师你好!因为疫情,航空公司也不知道后面的航班能不能飞,说等等看什么政策再改期,没有改期机票,只有取消的机票以及航班取消证明,申请B2延期能不成吗

    1. @郑 可以。

    2. @郑 非常感谢杨老师的回复!