EB1-A 移民申请撰写 Petition Letter 的经验和建议


请愿书(petition letter)的开头建议先给出总结,让审查员知道申请人是谁,类似如下:

Summary: My curriculum vitae is in[Exhibit 01]. I am a scientist in the field of xxx (大的专业分类), particularly through my work relating to xxx(具体到自己的研究领域). I obtained my Ph.D. Degree from xxx in 20xx (Ph.D. Diploma in[Exhibit 02]). I am now a full-time researcher at xxx (offer letter in[Exhibit 03]).

Letters of recommendation: please see[Exhibit 04-09].

我是 DIY 自己申请绿卡(EB-1A 申请的完整流程参见本站另外一位作者的这篇文章),我的 Petition Letter 包括四个部分:

  1. I Am an Alien of Extraordinary Ability.
  2. I Continue to Work in My Field of Extraordinary Ability.
  3. Substantial Benefits Prospective for the United States.
  4. Conclusion.

最重要的是第一部分,即论证申请人的 extraordinary ability 。论证之前我建议先做三件事:

  1. 把自己的研究分成 3-5 个小的方向,基本上每个方向都需要一封推荐信。每个方向可对应自己发表的 1 篇或几篇文章,用两句话概括。
  2. 把引用自己文章的文章导入到文献管理工具,如 EndNote,方便对这些文章(包括书籍的章节)分类。比如你发现有 10 篇文章对自己的文章进行了大篇幅积极评价,那就重点论述这些文章,并且这 10 篇文章的第一作者或者通讯作者就是潜在的推荐人。
  3. 要 4-6 封推荐信。后面我会谈到如何要推荐信。

对于从事科研的理工科生来说,该部分需要从至少三点来论述:文章、引用和审稿,即 「Authorship of Scholarly Articles in Professional & Major Publication in My Field」 、 「Original Contributions of Major Significance in My Field」 、 「Serving as a Judge of the Work of Others in My Field.」

我自己并没有在专业最顶级期刊发表文章,但在别人引用方面有较多亮点,因此我先论证引用,然后才说文章。有些人认为 I-140 就是吹嘘自己多么牛,我个人并不这么认为。我觉得这是一个论证过程,要提供各种干货来支持自己的论点,而不是空洞地泛泛而谈。

【投稿】美国移民绿卡 EB-1A 申请亲身经验

论证引用 Original Contributions

该部分可细分为两小部分,一是罗列引用自己文章的文章和推荐人对申请人工作的大篇幅积极评价(分 3-5 个小的方向)。二是强调自己文章被广泛引用,并且引用自己文章的这些文章也是很好的文章,有点别人站在你的肩膀上才有取得这样成果的感觉。我的经验是可以将「大篇幅积极评价」这七个字一分为二,也就是大篇幅是一方面,积极评价是另一方面。


自己的文章,包括文字和/或图片,能够被综述引用,说明自己的研究被同行认可。若综述中有大段引用你发表的文章就更好了!撰写综述的人,往往是该领域的小牛甚至大牛,你可以在 petition letter 中介绍这人有多牛,因为自己的工作被牛人引用,足见自己工作的重要性,不过也要适当注意别让牛人把自己比下去,让移民官员质疑你在此领域的 major contribution 。另外,写这些综述的牛人也是给你写推荐信的潜在人选。

在请愿书中可以如此撰写:「This study was heavily discussed in a recent review article published on an international, peer-reviewed journal xxxx in 20xx. Dr. xxx, the founder, president, and chief executive officer (CEO) of xxxxx discussed and cited my research work ‘xxxxx[citing my article]’ with one paragraph, two figures in my xxxx (journal name) paper.」(发表综述的这个人用了一段来介绍我的工作,并且引用了我文章中的两个图片。)


这时候就需要找积极正面的评价词语了,如 overcome 、 easy method 、 high-performance 、 outstanding 、 superior 等。下文的 new strategy 和 overcome 都可以看作是积极正面的评价,并且在文章中直接提到自己的名字。

自己在请愿书中可以这样撰写:「Dr. xxx (the person who cited your paper), a professor of xxx, explicitly stated in xxxx (journal name) that ‘a new strategy to overcome these problems is to use xxxxx. xxx et al (my name) fabricated xxxxx.」 并且把这些词语加粗,让审查员一目了然。

其实更多的时候,别人综述里是提到通信作者(往往是导师)的名字,这时候如何撰写呢?我的建议是把出现通信作者名字的地方换成[citing my paper],避免只出现通信作者(往往是导师)的名字。

在请愿书中可以如此撰写:「Dr. xxx (the person who cited your paper), a professor of xxx, explicitly stated in xxxx (journal name) that ‘a new strategy to overcome these problems is to use xxxxx[citing my paper] fabricated xxxxx.’」


书籍可以看作是大综述,自己的文章可能会被大段引用;还用一种情况就是出现积极正面评价的词语,撰写方式上面已经提到,不再赘述。自己可以在请愿书中介绍书籍的重要性以及出版商的重要性,这些均可以在官方网站中找到。比如我的一篇文章中数据被 「handbook of polymers, second edition」 用作标准,自己在请愿书中撰写如下:

The volume resistivity and young’s modulus are selected as data for xxxx in Handbook of Polymer, Second Edition, published in 2016 by ChemTec Publishing.

Handbook of Polymers, Second Edition, presents 「normalized, up-to-date polymer data in a consistent and easily referenceable layout.」 This new edition (second edition) represents 「an update of the available data, including new values for many commercially available products, verification of existing data, and removal of older data where it is no longer useful.」

Chemtec Publishing contributes to 「the progress and the application of polymers, plastics, and rubber by delivering the most comprehensive information that fosters advancement in research and application.」


如果仅仅是专利被授权、或者已经转移给公司但还有没有产业化, 并不建议在请愿书中提及,因为这两种情况下专利都还没有显示价值,很容易被质疑。专利如果被产业化,就需要找公司的人要推荐信,来强调专利对公司的重要贡献。


论述过程中可以加入推荐人的话:「Dr. XXX, a professor of xxx (校名), gives his independent evaluation of my work: ‘There are two key problems in xxx(说明研究领域存在问题). Dr. XXX(申请人名字)has elucidated a novel method to solve these issues.’ ‘Such material designed by Dr. XXX(申请人名字)displayed higher xxx excellent xxx and superior xxx.’」


My research has resulted in xxx publications including xxx English research articles and xxx Chinese research articles in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. (自己发了多少文章).

These English publications have been cited at least xxx times by scientists from xxx institutions in 37 countries and territories including: USA, Canada, UK, Austria, France, Croatia, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Israel, China, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and Brazil.[exhibit a23]. Citations indicate the wide and lasting impact of my work on my field.(自己的文章被引用多少次、引用来自多少个国家和单位。这点我做的比较细致,就是把所有的引文全部整理到了 Excel 里面,这样作者的国籍和单位一目了然。)

Furthermore, these publications are frequently cited by influential journals around the world including xxx (#1 top ranked chemistry journal), xxx (#2 top ranked materials science journal), xxx (#3 top ranked in chemistry field) and xxx (#1 top ranked in analytical chemistry field).(自己的文章被专业顶级期刊引用)

The average citation rate of my publications is far beyond my peers in the field of xxx. Some of them are better than or nearly close to the top 0.5% citation rate in the field.(强调自己文章的平均引用次数在行业也不错)

My novel findings have been heavily discussed and highlighted by field experts in many review papers and used as a scientific evidence to verify other scientists’ experimental observation.(强调自己的文章被综述引用,并且自己的实验方法被采纳)

Most importantly, my research has been used as the basis of important work of other scientists. My work on volume resistivity and young’s modulus of xxx have been used as the basic data for the book of handbook of polymers, second edition.(强调自己的文章被书籍用作标准)

最后对 「original contributions of major significance in my field」 进行总结,主要是让推荐人来说自己优秀:In summary, I have made extraordinary progress in the field, impacting scientists well beyond their circles of colleagues. 下面是推荐人的话:

  • 「Dr. XXX’s multidisciplinary expertise has enabled him to achieve international recognition and has established him as an outstanding scientist at the top of the fields of his specialty.」
  • 「Dr. XXX is an outstanding researcher with extraordinary ability and his original contributions have strongly impacted the field of printed and flexible electronics.」
  • 「Dr. XXX possesses a strong and multidisciplinary academic background.」

这样就完成了对引用(original contributions of major significance in my field)的撰写。

论证文章 Authorship

即 「authorship of scholarly articles in professional & major publication in my field」,又可分为 3 个小方向。

自己的文章发布在行业 Top 期刊上

My articles are published in the leading scientific journals. 用表格来说明这些杂志属于行业 Top 期刊。

Table 1.
The ranking of the journals in which I have published my English articles as compared to a total of 8,837 leading scientific journals indexed by ISI web of science.

Journal Title 5-Year
ACS Applied M&I 7.823 0.21648 Top 0.42% #5 in xxx field
Nanoscale 7.668 0.18113 Top 0.59% #8 in xxx field

注意:一个杂志可能划分到不同的研究领域,通常挑选排名最高的那个领域来展示,如上面两本杂志在材料科学领域分别排第 5 和第 8 。杂志本身的重要性,通常可以从杂志的官网找到,如:

  • ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces focuses on 「how newly-discovered materials and interfacial processes can be developed and used for specific applications.」
  • Nanoscale is 「a high impact peer reviewed journal publishing experimental and theoretical work across the breadth of nanoscience and nanotechnology」.


My publications have made a significant impact in my field. 用表格说明自己的引用次数(Table 2),并且显示引用次数逐年增加(the citation number is expected to continue increasing substantially and steadily in the future, figure 1),同样用表格来说明,对自己文章的引用也来自顶级期刊。

Table 2.
The citation from Google Scholar

Analytics Tool
Number of
Average Citation
Per Article
Google Scholar 11 247 22.5 8
Figure 1. Citation distribution by year (Analysis by Google Scholar)


My publications have broad impacts and were cited worldwide 油灯图(figure 2)。很多人困惑是否该用油灯图,我的建议是如果做出的油灯图漂亮,完全可以用。我的文章被南非和巴西的学者引用过,使得引用足迹遍布六大洲。前一部分的论述列出的是国家分布,而油灯图则是很好的展示了机构分布。

Figure 2. The geographic locations for publications that have cited my work.
(Analysis by Google Scholar)

如果自己的单篇文章引用次数较多,也可以拿出来和研究领域的平均值比较:As shown in table 3, the average citations to two of my articles published in 2014 and 2015 are better than or nearly close to the top 1% citation rate in the field of materials sciences, which demonstrates that my publication and citation record is superior to my peers.

Table 3.
Comparisons of the Average Citation Rates in My Field

Year of publication 2014 2015
Citations to my articles (From Google Scholar) 97 37
1% Percentile citation in the field of Materials Sciences 68 40
10% Percentile citation in the field of Materials Sciences 20 12
Average citations in the field of Materials Sciences 8.41 5.02

最后对对文章(Authorship of Scholarly Articles in Professional & Major Publication in My Field)进行总结:「Overall, my publication record is excellent and has received international recognition. Clearly, only a researcher with proven exceptional qualifications and discoveries will be consistently recognized by these numerous publications. Therefore, my publication record has placed me at very top of my field.」

论证审稿 Judge of the Work of Others

最后对审稿进行论证,即 Serving as a judge of the work of others in my field,分三步走:

  1. 列出自己的审稿数、审稿杂志数和杂志名。
  2. 推荐人(杂志的主编、副主编或者编辑)的评价。
  3. 介绍一下审稿杂志属于 Top 期刊。

Due to my widespread and lasting influence on the research community in the field of xxx. I have been directly invited to serve as a peer reviewer by numerous well-respected international scientific journals. I have been invited to review xxx manuscripts for xxx journals, including xxx, xxx and xxx.

Dr. XXX stated in his independent expert testimony, 「The reviewers are instrumental to ensure the quality and integrity of the journal. And therefore their scientific expertise is of a paramount consideration.」 「Dr. XXX has been appointed as one of our regular reviewers, solely for his international recognition and outstanding contributions in the area of xxx, specifically the research of xxx.」(这是杂志编辑作为推荐人给出的推荐信)

These are distinguished international journals in the various subfields related to my expertise in materials science and engineering. For example, with an impact factor of 8.296, Small provides 「the very best forum for experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research at these dimensions.」 Journal of Materials Chemistry C is a 「high impact applications, properties & synthesis of exciting new materials for optical, magnetic & electronic devices.」 Thus, these journals have high standards for publication and require peer-reviewers with similarly high expertise and credentials to judge the scientific originality, techniques, and merits of submitted manuscripts to ensure conformity to strict publication standards.(选取几个典型的审稿杂志进行下介绍)

My influence in my field is clearly demonstrated by these repeated and ongoing requests for my professional services, which illustrate the high regard for my expertise and my sustained international acclaim and recognition.

完成了对 「I Am an Alien of Extraordinary Ability」 的论述,其余的三个部分就非常简单了,其中 「I Continue to Work in My Field of Extraordinary Ability」 和 「Substantial Benefits Prospective for the United States」 就是自己表决心加推荐人推荐的模式,Conclusion 则是简单的表心愿,希望 I-140 能够顺利通过,这里不再赘述。


本文由 Eric Huang 投稿。作者是 80 后,科研狗,爱思考、爱烹饪。


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生于湖南,先后在北京和广东学习与工作。2013年移居美国。EB-1 职业移民。非移民律师、非移民中介。Twitter @mrderekyang

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