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CBP 解释


CPB 官网 APIS Departure Requirements 说:

With respect to APIS for both incoming and departing flights, a passport is considered to be "required for travel" in any instance where the non-immigrant is required by law (including under the INA and WHTI) to present a passport at the time of application for admission to the United States. In other words, the passport is generally considered to be "required for travel" under the INA, and thus under APIS, whether the person is entering or departing the United States.

We note that in some instances documents other than a passport may be acceptable for travel (i.e., documents deemed acceptable for travel under WHTI, certain facilitation documents used by undocumented deportees, or aliens who have lost or had their passports stolen). U.S. Customs and Border Protection will be issuing additional guidance to airlines with international flights to clarify acceptable forms of travel documentation for such foreign nationals departing the United States.

CPB 每个财年还会发布逾期逗留的数据,对于逾期逗留者可能采取的行动,是签证失效和三年/十年入境禁令,以及分析逾期逗留者是否对美国公共安全造成危险、是否进一步调查。2019财年的报告在这里。这不重要,可以不看。


  • 美国海关有权检查行李和随身物品:需配合海关检查,电子设备也可能被查,无须事先申请搜查令。对此中国驻美大使馆也再次提醒了各位中国公民注意美国入、出境检查。
  • 前往第三国:遵守该国入境法令,持有该国有效签证,以及护照有效期需多于6个月。
  • 第三国转机:了解转机政策,尤其是要在机场过夜的、要前往另一个航站楼的。
  • 返回本国:护照有效期可小于6个月,但不能过期。过期护照需在中国驻美国使领馆更换新护照,或申请旅行证,才能离境美国。
  • 如果你申请了延期、在尚未批准时离境,建议随身携带延期申请的 receipt notice,必要时可以证明自己没有「非法滞留」。详细解释参见:《I-94 过期或延期被拒,在美国逾期或非法滞留的后果》。


〔合作伙伴〕 新未名律所专业办理各类美国移民和签证,拥有名校博士团队、十几年成功经验、数千批准案例,高批准率,免费评估。网址 www.nwmlaw.com。联系人: 蔡律师,mcai@nwmlaw.com;杨律师,qian.yang@nwmlaw.com。更多文章,请查看我们的专栏


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Fan Zhao:随夫来美五年,育一子一女,现住在 Kansas,爱烘培,爱省钱。

10 条评论

  1. fan zhao 老师您好,我爸爸2020年5月申请的二次延期,2021年2月23日(前两天)收到的延期被拒的信息,但是他在pending期,已经在2020年9月回国;现在的疑问:1.怎样能更正式不留有以后的麻烦,跟移民局说已经回国? 2.为什么已经显示拒绝,移民局还发notice还要去打指纹? 3.10年签证是否会因此需要在国内重新申请?

    1. @lu 1. 拒信的原因是什么?打指纹是延期的程序之一,如果是因为已经回国没有打指纹,那么就会被拒。
      2. 已经拒了就不会发通知打指纹。打指纹的通知应该是在拒信前。
      3. 回国后才收到拒信,签证不会取消。你可以联系当初发签证的美国领事馆确认签证是否有效。

      1. @Fan Zhao fan zhao老师您好,Case history:

        – “February 27, 2021 Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled;
        – February 23, 2021 We denied your Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status.
        – May 6, 2020 We received your Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. ”


        2.信中还写到“USCIS is denying your application as a matter of discretion. Should you seek to re-enter the UnitedStates as a B nonimmigrant, you will be required to establish your admissibility again and be grantedadmission as a B-2 nonimmigrant by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. ”这是否是说B签证再入美国需要重新申请呢?

        3.信中还说“This decision may not be appealed”。但是如果我不同意,需要在33天内提交 Form I-290B,这是什么东东啊?

        4.不是说回国才收拒信,签证不会取消吗?但是信中的意思我的理解是这个拒绝书确实说已经违法了,我的理解对吗?“WARNING CONCERNING UNLAWFUL PRESENCE Please be aware that, under section 212(a)(9)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), analien who accrues more than 180 days of unlawful presence in the United States, and then departs, isinadmissible to the United States for a period of either three years or ten years. You may remain in your current nonimmigrant status until the expiration date indicated on your FormI-94, Arrival-Departure Record. However, if the date listed on your Form I-94 has already passed, thisNotice of Decision may leave you without lawful immigration status and you may be present in theUnited States in violation of the law.”


        1. @lu 申请人在案件待审期间离境,签证不会取消。申请人离境,申请视为放弃,移民局拒绝是正常的操作。之后又安排打指纹应该是搞错了,回复告诉他们申请人已经离境即可。

          问题2是模板,参见 《移民局延期拒信 “you will be required to establish your admissibility again” 的含义

          1. @Derek Yang 谢谢yang老师和zhao老师!我按照您们说的,在“send us a message”里发送了信息告知已回国,我是这么写的

            “Dear officer: In my case pending,I was lucky enough to buy a ticket, and I have taken the CA988 back to China on September 6, 2020. I have returned to my country,so I can not to go to the application support center to have my biometrics taken. Thanks for your help, and I wish you all the best.”


            “Regarding your Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status.

            In order to assist you with your request, we must speak with the applicant directly. We tried to contact the applicant today by telephone, but received no answer. Please submit another inquiry to the USCIS Contact Center at https://my.uscis.gov/account/v1/needhelp or log into your online account for specific case inquiries and contact us at https://my.uscis.gov/account/v1/inbox. You can also call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283. ……..”


            1. @lu 第一句话的意思是「我们必须和申请人直接对话」,你是不是以你的名义为你父亲的申请写信了?如果你给 USCIS (以及 DMV 等其他政府部门)打电话,你不是申请人本人的话,他们就会跟你说这句话:“We must speak with the applicant directly”。如果申请人不懂英语,你可以在一旁翻译,但不可以撇开申请人、自己说「我是申请人的儿女,关于这个申请我们想xxxx」,你这样说他们不会理你的。

              如果你父亲的申请已经被拒,是否继续回复应该都不会有什么影响。如果你想给 USCIS 打电话把事情说清楚的话,可能需要三方电话:和你父亲约好时间,先给 USCIS 打电话,接通之后,同时给你父亲电话(或微信)、开免提,告诉 USCIS 客户申请人在电话上。

              This is not legal advice。如果你不确定,需要 legal advice 的话,可付费咨询律师:

              另参见: 《移民局客服电话快速转人工的方法

  2. 麻烦请教您两个问题
    回国之前或之后那几天是不是最好在延期申请网页上send a message回复移民局说明自己已经回国?
    如果11月回国的前几天收到打指模通知,却因即将回国不去打指模而直接回国,并在回国之前或之后那几天在移民局网页上send a message 说明自己已经回国,这样可以顺利在美国海关离境吗?

    如果近期sponsor真的取消了他的J1 签证,那即便家人20天后也与我同时回国,那么sponsor取消签证后到家人离境这20天是非法滞留了吧?非法滞留20天后凭有效护照可以顺利在美国海关离境吗?

    冒昧打扰 静候答复。万千感谢!

    1. @Ross 1. 美国没有离境管制,不论你是 case pending 甚至身份已经黑下来,海关都不会拦你(除非犯罪)。
      2. 你家人是否违反了 J1 的要求导致了 early termination 呢?这样的话即刻必须离境,没有任何 grace period。
      3. 一旦 J1 terminated,他马上失去身份,是非法滞留,但不会影响出境。下次再申请签证就要解释为什么这次非法滞留了。最好还是维持 J1 身份不要 terminate。

      1. @Fan Zhao 1,现在我延期申请在处理中,如果我在pending中就回国,那我就是有不到半年的overstay时期,但也不算非法滞留,那么我的十年免签的B2签是不是就无效了,就是下次在赴美旅游签的话,就需要重新面签对吧?
        2,延期处理中回国,是否需要给移民局send a message说明自己已经回国?

        1. @ROSS 1. 有 pending case 就不累积非法滞留。
          2. 如果已经打了指纹,那么说不说都无所谓。还没打指纹就要通知移民局你已经离境,这样他就不会安排你打指纹,或者取消已经安排好的预约。