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有读者问美国有没有「治疗五六十岁老人白内障的眼药水」。据我所知,白内障(cataracts)目前唯一确定有效的治疗手段是做手术。美国有些眼药水据说可能会缓解白内障,最常见的是 Can-C 。

Can-C 眼药水
5ml | 2 瓶装

Can-C 的有效成分是 N-Acetylcarnosine(NAC)。 2004 年,俄罗斯眼科医生 Mark Babizhayev 进行了小规模试验,并认为它改善了白内障患者的视力清晰度。根据美国国家卫生研究院(NIH)官网存档的论文,作者认为「These data showed that N-acetylcarnosine is effective in the management of age-related cataract reversal and prevention both in human and in canine eyes」。

不过,迄今为止,NAC 作为治疗白内障的药物是否有效,并没有得到 FDA 的认可和批准。 2005 年,FDA 致信给一家叫做 Nucura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(BioNational Pharmaceuticals)的公司,指出其 NU-EYES™ 眼药水宣称包含 N-Acetylcarnosine,用于治疗包括白内障在内的眼科疾病,没有足够的证据、未经 FDA 批准,必须立刻纠正。

现在销售的 Can-C 眼药水,从顾客反馈来看,很多人购买就是为了缓解或治疗白内障,其中有人表示用完后确实有效,包括一名 67 岁的轻度白内障患者(verified purchase):

Being a non-surgical oriented person , I began researching non-surgical cataract treatments…although I was very skeptical that anything but surgery would correct the cataracts. I came across Can-C and read the research by the original Russian scientist and ordered a Five Month supply. After just 1-week I noticed more vivid colors and both cataracts appeared to be smaller. Fast forward to almost 3-months usage … and I’m blown-away with the fantastic results. Not only can I read fine print … both cataracts have shrunk in size by about 80%…truly unbelievable!

我的建议:有条件的,还是找正规的眼科大夫,讨论如何做手术治疗。如果实在不愿意做手术,或者做不了手术,可以买 Can-C 试试,也许会有效果。

国家卫生研究院:护眼保健品的 3 点建议


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